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Train your new powers

Use inputs tried and tested by Sheets gods.

Total Percentage

Get the total average percentage difference of a range.

Sum Values

Sum all of the values in a range.

Group Values

Create new ranges by grouping values and adding aggregated data columns.

Extract Data

Extract exactly what you need across a range of strings of values. 


Match values across ranges and return a corresponding value from another column. 

Percentage Increase/Decrease

Calculate the percentage difference from one range of values to another.

Remove Columns

Remove columns from a range. 

Filter Ranges

Filter the range using any column of data. 

Conditional Statements

Use IF statements across a full range of data.

Average Values

Average all of the values in a range.


    Use FOR EXAMPLE or EG. in your commands to show Formula God an example of what you want.
    Adding CLEAN to your command will remove spaces, indents and generally fix formatting issues
  • Describing Data
    If your data is comma-separated in the cell, tell Formula God it is comma-seperated in your command.
  • TRIM
    Adding TRIM to your command will remove space, indents and fix general formatting issues.
  • IF
    You can give formula god commands like any other IF statement: IF this, do that.
    Use RETURN at the start of your command, followed by your prompt.
    Run calculations on a range of data. Input: "[sum/average/count] the values."
  • -H
    Add -H to the start of your command to ignore headers. Warning: this will remove Formula God's ability to gain context from your data.
    Adding APPEND to your command will insert a value into the cell. E.g. append column A with ‘hello’, this will add hello to each item in column A
    Transform or extract values or strings in range. Input: "Extract the [x] from the [y]" "Transform to lowercase" "Replace [x] with [y] in the [string/value/type]" "Split the [x] by [y]"
    Query ranges and return the data you want. Input: "return the range where column [x] = [y]" "return the range where column [x] = [y] and sort by column [x] alphabetically" "return the range but return column [x] by [transforming it in some way]"
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