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Train your new powers

Use inputs tried and tested by Sheets gods.

Total Percentage

Get the total average percentage difference of a range.

FG - Total Percentage.gif

Sum Values

Sum all of the values in a range.

FG - SUM.gif

Group Values

Create new ranges by grouping values and adding aggregated data columns.

FG - New Range v2.gif

Extract Data

Extract exactly what you need across a range of strings of values. 

FG - Extract.gif


Match values across ranges and return a corresponding value from another column. 


Percentage Increase/Decrease

Calculate the percentage difference from one range of values to another.

FG - Percentage v2.gif

Remove Columns

Remove columns from a range. 

FG - Remove v2.gif

Filter Ranges

Filter the range using any column of data. 

FG - Filter.gif

Conditional Statements

Use IF statements across a full range of data.

FG - IF.gif

Average Values

Average all of the values in a range.

FG - AVG.gif


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