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Chat about your data with AI in Google Sheets

Generate tables, graphs, formulae, insights and directly amend your Sheets without ever changing tabs.

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A real time data assistant

Opens to the side of Google Sheets

Choose a sheet to analyse

Formula God reads the data in your sheet and gives answers

Harness the mighty power of AI

Create graphs in an instant

“Make a graph of our sales from Q1 to Q3”

Calculate and output formulae

"Generate a formula for the total  sales split by each category"

Query your data in real time

"What category should I invest more time into?"


Become a god with our formula generator

Get AI-generated formulas based on your data and apply them directly into your Sheet.

Or get formulas from our AI chat

Chatting with formula god can give even more in depth insight into how to apply formulae to your sheet.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it cost?
    You can use Formula God for free using our free plan. See plans & pricing for info on our unlimited plans!
  • What is Formula God?
    Formula God is an AI plugin that allows users to talk to with their data in Google Sheets and generate formulas in a more intuitive way. It has three main components: - The most sophisticated and convenient formula generator on the market. - An AI chat assistant that analyses your data directly in Sheets, allowing you to generate graphs, charts and get insights without ever changing tabs. - A revolutionary Sheet amender where you can directly edit your sheets from AI commands.
  • How do I import my data?
    You don't need to! Formula God analyses the data directly from your Sheets, so you never need to import data or change tabs to get formulae and insights. Just tell Formula God which sheet to look at, and you're set!
  • How can I add Formula God to Google Sheets?
    You can download our verified Google Sheets add-on right here!

Former mortals speak

“I was really struggling with using formulas in Google Sheets, but this add-on has made things so much easier! I can just input what I want the formula to do and it does it for me-it's like having my own personal assistant!"

Deena Levies,
Former Mortal

“This add-on has saved me so much time and frustration! I don't know what I would do without it.”

Tom Smithenson, Former Mortal

“I never thought I could be so productive with Google Sheets, but this add-on has changed everything! It's so easy to use and makes my work flow so much smoother.”

Craig Green,
Former Mortal

A small sacrifice to pay

Become a sheets god with free plans and more.

Enter the realm of Formula God

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